Autochthonous Grapes
From Greek Autochthon (Autos=same and chton=land). The Ancient Greeks called in this way populations originated in the land were they lived.
An "autochthonous grape" means a grape that was growing up in a specific area were, during the time, it adapted himself to become typical of that territory.
From those grapes we get wines that reflects the soul of Irpinia and have their origin in the ancient history, Red: Aglianico and White: Fiano, Greco and Falanghina
But to use only autochthonous grapes does not mean to make good wines! 
Versus the "Bordeaux blend" it is a risk to pursue every day to get a wine that can satisfy and sometimes challenge, the taste of customers.
new aglianico
new falanghina
new fiano
new greco
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